Sylwia Majtczak – It’s Time to Dance

There are different forms of dancing, from ballroom to disco and tango to barn dancing, dancing has always formed an integral part of human culture, celebration, and ritual. However, today dancing is more for recreation and self-expression. Dancing is also a great way to stay in shape and keep fit. Sylwia Majtczak likes dancing and has found that it helps her relax. Here’s why it could be time to dance.

Sylwia MajtczakStay Young
Everyone wants to remain young for as long as they can, and dancing seems to be one of the physical activities that help in staying young. Dancing helps delay the aging process and benefits the cardiovascular system. The heart rate and muscle exertion experienced by dancers is equivalent to those of swimmers and cyclists.

Lubricated Joints and Strong Bones
Dancing helps in lubricating and keeping the bones strong. It helps in preventing osteoporosis in both men and women. Post-menopause women who took up dancing were found to have a substantial drop in estrogen levels which hinders calcium from being absorbed in the bones. Dancing helps prevent arthritis by keeping the joints lubricated.

Lose those Calories
Dancing is a great way to lose those extra calories as it helps increase circulation and burn calories. Dancers can lose up to 10 calories per minute depending on the intensity and speed of dancing. Several fitness centers use various dorms of dancing to help people lose weight and stay fit.

Sylwia Majtczak also believes that dancing helps her get rid of work-related stress.


Sylwia Majtczak – How to Enjoy Photography Without Getting too Technical

Sometimes it can be quite intimidating when you hear photographers speak about how to capture great pictures using the latest equipment and advanced techniques. If you have just taken up photography as a hobby, don’t let yourself get stressed about the technicalities of photography. Photography is meant to be enjoyed, learn to enjoy it first, and then learn the technical stuff. Sylwia Majtczak is an avid photographer and has a collection of beautiful pictures.

Sylwia MajtczakCamera Quality

Do not let your camera quality worry you. If you start worrying about whether your camera is professional enough to take good pictures, you will not enjoy your hobby. It is easy to get distracted about digital camera quality and lose the fun of taking pictures. The success of a photo depends more on what you choose to include in the frame and what you choose to exclude, and how you choose to arrange it in the frame.

Choose the Right Shooting Mode

The camera’s digital scene mode is perfect for snapshots, but if you are looking to take some creative photos, then you will need to move to semi-automatic shooting modes. If you want to control the depth of field you will need to use Aperture Priority. This is a semi-automatic mode and allows you to set the aperture which causes the camera to set a corresponding shutter speed for the correct exposure. There are several settings you can work with, take the time to explore the various settings and learn how to use them.

Manual or Automatic Setting

Do not feel pressurized to use the manual settings of the camera, as the automatic settings provide good results. For example, the Auto White Balance (AWB) setting on the camera is quite capable of doing a good job in most situations. So playing around with the settings could make you take more time and eventually not make any difference with the manual settings.

Sylwia Majtczak makes it a point to use her camera to capture pictures of places she travels to.

Sylwia Majtczak – Essential Apps for Your Business Trip

Business travel can be interesting, but it can also be exhausting. Most people traveling on business trips spend quite a considerable amount of travel time working. Many use the time to work on reports, send last minute emails from the airport or even while flying, as many airlines no offer Wi-Fi services to passengers. There are several apps that can help make your business travel a pleasure. Sylwia Majtczak has been in the travel industry since 1997 and has worked at several top travel companies.

Sylwia MajtczakTripIt

TripIt is a must-have app is you are a business, traveler. It is a great app that keeps all your travel itinerary in one place. All the information you need regarding you flight timing, hotel booking, and meeting information can be stored in one place with this app. The app integrates with a calendar and can sync your confirmation emails with your TripIt account. The paid version of the app is the best choice because of its features.


If you are traveling to another country where they speak a different language, you might want to get the iTranslate app. It will help you overcome any language barrier and carry on your business meeting without any trouble.


If you are going to be driving around in another country or city for your business trip, you might want to get the Maps.Me app. This is a great app that allows you to get directions to any place in the world without a data connection. All you need to do is, download the app on your phone prior to your departure and download the city map where you are traveling to. Once the map downloads, you can use the app to find directions.

Sylwia Majtczak is a full-time working mother of one child and is the Senior Travel Agent at Altour.

Sylwia Majtczak – Three Tips You Can Use For Your Next Business Trip

Business travel can be quite grueling, especially if you have to travel for several days each month. Moving from one city to another, and from one hotel to another is not an easy task and it soon starts to wear out on you. Sylwia Majtczak has been a corporate travel consultant for several years and knows just how difficult business travel can get at times. Here are some travel tips you can use for your next business trip.

Sylwia Majtczak
Sylwia Majtczak

Carry an Energy Bar

If you are traveling by airplane, you know that unexpected delays or flight cancelation can throw things out of sync and sometimes leave you sitting at the airport. If you are caught in a blizzard at the airport, food at the cafes and restaurants can run out very quickly. A simple tip you can use to remedy this situation is to carry a couple of energy bars in your carry-on bag. This will keep you going for a couple of hours until the situation changes and your flight takes off.

Room Numbers

If you have been staying at several hotels on your business trip, you might want to write down the room number and save yourself a lot of trouble. If you have been traveling for several weeks across different cities or countries, and staying at different hotels, writing down the room number or parking lot number where you parked will help you remember where you need to go.

Get a Good Meal

While it might seem obvious that you need to eat while you are on a business trip, it is important to know where you can get a good meal. It can be quite frustrating to go to a new place and not know where to eat. Look up online before you travel and find a place that serves good food, somewhere close to where you would be staying and head over there and enjoy a good meal. You will feel refreshed and revived for your business meeting.

Sylwia Majtczak has planned and coordinated several business trips for corporate clients.

What is ISO in Photography?

If you have used a digital camera, you have probably heard of the term “ISO”. But what is ISO in photography? To break it down in the simplest terms, ISO is the camera’s level of sensitivity to light. The higher the ISO, the greater the sensitivity of the camera, and the lower the ISO, the less sensitive the camera is to light. The component inside your camera that can change sensitivity is called “sensor” or “image sensor”. This is the most expensive part of a camera and is vital for gathering light and transforming it into images.

Sylwia MajtczakEach camera has a “Base ISO,” which is the lowest ISO setting on the camera. The lowest setting is the best one to use if you want to get high-resolution images. However, that might not be possible if you are working in areas with low light. ISO numbers start at 100-200 which is the “Base ISO” and increase in geometric progression. When you increase the ISO sensitivity, it doubles the sensitivity of the image sensor which means that ISO 200 is twofold more sensitive that ISO 100.

When to Use Low ISO?

When there is sufficient light, you should stick to the lowest ISO setting on your camera, it will retain maximum detail, and you will have high-quality pictures. However, if you are shooting pictures in a dark environment, or if you are using a tripod, you might need to change the ISO of your camera. If you are shooting pictures indoor, and there isn’t sufficient light, you should increase the ISO to be able to quickly capture images. If you have no flash, and you are shooting indoors, increase your ISO to a higher number to freeze motion.

Sylwia Majtczak is an avid photographer and has taken several beautiful pictures.

What You Need to Succeed in the Corporate World

You don’t just need the right qualifications to succeed in the corporate world. There are several other qualities that you will need if you want to climb the corporate ladder and make it to the top. Managers are looking for the right mix of qualification and qualities, and you will have to make sure you have what they are looking for if you want to rise to the top.

Sylwia MajtczakBe Prepared

To rise to the top you have to prove to your bosses that you have what it takes, and being prepared is one quality you should exercise. When you go for the staff meeting, make sure you have the presentation and training modules ready because bosses look for eagerness in their staff. Your presentation material will be scrutinized, and your performance will be based on what you provide your superiors. The advantage of being prepared is that you can stay focused on what needs to be done. Take the time to prepare you presentation material properly if you are looking to impress them with your work.


No one wants a leader who is irresponsible. You should be a person who is quick to take up responsibilities and effectively carry them out. Do not be afraid of taking on new responsibilities. If for some reason you failed at a particular task, be ready to stand up and accept the responsibility and apologize. You should be not only ready to shoulder new responsibilities, but also be ready to bear the consequences in case of failure.

Sylwia Majtczak has been in the travel industry for several years and is currently serving as the Senior Corporate Agent for Altour.

Travel Tips You Can Use

Traveling can be an exciting time or a stressful time, depending on how you plan your trip. If you have thought things through and have prepared as best you can, you might just be able to pull off an exciting leisure trip. However, if you thought that you’d just pack a bag and go, you might not have a successful trip. Here are a couple of travel tips you can use.

Sylwia MajtczakBackup Your Files

Before you travel, you might want to keep hard copies and digital copies of your driving license, travel documents, passport, health insurance, etc. You will have to take the original travel documents along with you, but it is recommended to keep a copy of all documents with you, including a set of soft copies on your external hard drive. You could also backup a copy of your documents in the cloud. In case of an emergency, you will not be stranded without your documents, but you will have access to it via your external hard drive or cloud storage.

Rewards Program

If you are a frequent traveler, you might want to consider joining a rewards program. Members of reward programs often receive priority booking, check-in, first-class upgrades including other benefits. You could also benefit from rental car rewards as well.

Non-Stop or Direct Flights

There is a difference between non-stop and direct flights. Non-stop flights are better as it means less transit time at airports. However, you will have to decide which to choose. Non-stop flights might be a bit more expensive than direct flights.

Dressing Up Right

While you do not need to wear a business suit to travel, you might want to dress up appropriately for better service on your trip.

Sylwia Majtczak is the Senior Corporate Agent at Altour and has been in the travel industry for several years.