Sylwia Majtczak – Advice For Your First Cruise

While Sylwia Majtczak primarily works with corporate clients in her work as a travel consultant, she is able to provide advice to regular travelers too, should it be needed. A cruise provides a unique twist on the regular travel experience, as it offers people the opportunity to see many different places in the space of a single vacation. However, a lot of people are understandably wary of cruises due to the prospect of spending so much time at sea. If you are considering this type of vacation it is important that you keep the below in mind to make the most out of the experience.

Sylwia Majtczak

Research The Cruise

While steps will be taken to make the cruise experience as simple as possible and you should receive fairly detailed itineraries that tell you where you will be going and when, it is still a good idea to read as much as possible about the trip before you take it. Ideally you will check out every cruise destination before you are on the boat, so you get a feel for what each place will be like and what you should try to see during your time there. Doing so will mean you don’t get overwhelmed by the options and can actually enjoy the time you spend in each destination.

Be Wary of Tipping

Many cruises build gratuity into the bills that you pay for drinks and other services, which means you don’t have to feel obligated to tip. Check the receipts and see if there is some sort of service charge included. If there is then you can save a lot of money by not tipping double on everything you purchase on the ship. This may feel a little odd to some people, particularly those who come from cultures where tipping is an everyday thing, but it will allow you to save money.

Pack Well

You may be going for a cruise in a location that is known for being warm, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for any eventuality. This is especially the case if you cruise in tropical areas, as they are prone to rain and other temperamental weather conditions. At the very least you should make sure you pack some lightweight waterproof clothing, as getting caught short when you are exploring one of the cruise destinations can put a literally dampener on the experience.

Enjoy The Experience

Take your time and explore the ship, taking in everything that it has to offer. Acclimatize yourself and take the trip at your own pace. Remember that this is your vacation and you don’t have to do what everybody else is doing all of the time.

Sylwia Majtczak is an experienced traveler and Senior Corporate Agent at Altour.


Sylwia Majtczak – Tips For Choosing The Right Hotel

In her role as a Senior Corporate Agent at Altour, where she has worked since 2004, Sylwia Majtczak is tasked with helping clients locate suitable hotels for their travels. This is often harder than it sounds, as without knowledge of the hotels you are considering it is possible that you may choose one that is not right for your needs. If you are not working with a consultant to book your trip you should keep these pointers in mind before you start searching for hotels.

Sylwia Majtczak
Sylwia Majtczak

Know Your Budget
You need to understand how much you are willing to spend before you start searching. If you don’t, you may end up falling in love with a hotel, only to find out that it costs more than you can afford. Most hotel comparison sites allow you to filter based on price, so make sure you use that to stick within your budget.

Make A List of What You Want
Before you can start creating a list of potential hotels you need to understand what you actually want from the place you stay in. Some are happy with just having a bed to sleep in, whereas others will want all sorts of extras to make the trip more comfortable. Create a list of what you would want in an ideal world and base your search around that. You won’t always find hotels that offer everything you want, but the list will help you to cut out those that definitely won’t suit your needs.

Check The Reviews
Once you have a list of potential hotels you should dig a little deeper and find out what people are actually saying about them. While the hotels’ own websites will give you some of the basics and show you the absolute best of the hotel, you can’t always be certain that this is what you are going to get when you travel. Instead, make use of websites like TripAdvisor to find out if the hotel actually provides what it claims to offer.

Check For Wi-Fi
Most hotels will have in-built Wi-Fi connections that you can make use of, which is often essential for corporate travelers who need to do work when they are away from home. However, these services do not always come as part of the booking package. Make sure you confirm whether or not free Wi-Fi is included and check to see if access is unlimited. Fees can build up if you are unaware of restrictions that the hotel may have in place.

Research The Local Area
You should know where your hotel is located in relation to the place you want to go on your trip. Ideally, you will be as close as possible, but if you are a little out of the way spend some time researching the local neighborhood as well.

Sylwia Majtczak is a Senior Corporate Agent at Altour.