Sylwia Majtczak – Agent or Consultant

When most consumers think of using a professional to book travel, they use the term travel agent. In the travel industry, however, there are different roles and different client types handled by travel agents as opposed to travel consultants. The distinctions may seem slight to a consumer, but Sylwia Majtczak is proud to be a corporate travel consultant rather than a corporate travel agent.

Sylwia Majtczak
Sylwia Majtczak

The main difference between a travel agent and a travel consultant is in the type of representation they provide. An agent will listen to a client’s preferences for a trip and then locate airline tickets and hotels to meet those needs, as well as recommending restaurants and attractions. A consultant can and will do all of that for a client, but also looks at the planning of the trip as a whole. Where an agent might recommend a different hotel than the client initially requested because it has better access to a business venue, a consultant might recommend a different business venue because there are better hotel options nearby and have a secondary recommendation in case the venue cannot be changed.

Travel agents are valuable professionals in the industry and help a lot of travelers plan great trips every year. Nonetheless, Sylwia Majtczak knows the real difference between her job and that of a travel agent is in the level of trust placed in her by her clients. As a result, she works hard to ensure every client is comfortable with a trip before, during, and after their travel so her clients will know their trust is well placed.