Sylwia Majtczak – It’s Time to Dance

There are different forms of dancing, from ballroom to disco and tango to barn dancing, dancing has always formed an integral part of human culture, celebration, and ritual. However, today dancing is more for recreation and self-expression. Dancing is also a great way to stay in shape and keep fit. Sylwia Majtczak likes dancing and has found that it helps her relax. Here’s why it could be time to dance.

Sylwia MajtczakStay Young
Everyone wants to remain young for as long as they can, and dancing seems to be one of the physical activities that help in staying young. Dancing helps delay the aging process and benefits the cardiovascular system. The heart rate and muscle exertion experienced by dancers is equivalent to those of swimmers and cyclists.

Lubricated Joints and Strong Bones
Dancing helps in lubricating and keeping the bones strong. It helps in preventing osteoporosis in both men and women. Post-menopause women who took up dancing were found to have a substantial drop in estrogen levels which hinders calcium from being absorbed in the bones. Dancing helps prevent arthritis by keeping the joints lubricated.

Lose those Calories
Dancing is a great way to lose those extra calories as it helps increase circulation and burn calories. Dancers can lose up to 10 calories per minute depending on the intensity and speed of dancing. Several fitness centers use various dorms of dancing to help people lose weight and stay fit.

Sylwia Majtczak also believes that dancing helps her get rid of work-related stress.